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Public Access Help File




            www.igr.kerala.gov.in website gives you the information about the Fair Value of Land of all the villages in Kerala.


Login Screen




The general Public can view the fair value of their land, on clicking on the Fairvalue of Land link.

On clicking the Fairvalue of Land, the following screen appears:





Select a particular District, taluk and Village inorder to get the details of the fair value of that particular village.

After selecting the above, click on the View button. This shows the village wise listing of all survey numbers in the


Trivandrum district, Thiruvananthapuram taluk and Thiruvallam village.





The user can also search for a  particular survey no in the village



The user can also view the survey numbers in a village according to the different land types selected.




The report of the above can be taken by clicking the  Report button.


Also using the Export to PDF option, the report can be saved as a PDF file.